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ICT Digital offers the Center Stage Live (CSL) broadcast software suite developed by Arctic Palm Technologies Inc., an XPERI group company based in Columbia, Maryland, USA. CSL is designed for datacasting and, therefore, for capturing, creating, scheduling and distributing text and images to a wide variety of devices and services, including RDS (Radio Data System) encoders for FM radio, DAB radio, Internet radio, Websites, audio streaming services like TuneIn Radio and so on.

Datacasting with Center Stage Live (CSL)

Metadata Capture

CSRDS (Center Stage RDS) is the CSL datacasting application that captures content from multiple sources, filtering, cleansing and formatting the data, adding images, and posting to the selected output devices and services.
Metadata is captured from over 90 different sources including CSL’s own applications, the most common source being a radio station’s own automation system.
Images are captured from a number of sources prioritised according to source and scheduling requirements.

Content Scheduling

CSScheduler (Center Stage Scheduler) is the CSL application that schedules informational, promotional or commercial campaigns by station, date, time of day and day of week as run of schedule events rotating with other scheduled information. Campaigns may be limited to non-music segments or rotated with music events, and they can also be linked to an on-air event to be triggered by that on-air event. Based on the schedules messages and associated artwork are posted to selected devices and services.

Posting of Messages

Radio Data System information including the Programme Service Name (PS) and Radio Text (RT - 64-character message) are sent to the station RDS encoder for injection into the FM signal to be displayed by RDS-capable FM receivers.
DAB Programme Associated Data (PAD) like song titles, artists’ names and radio station details with associated artwork are sent to the DAB system to be combined with digitised audio for transmission to DAB receivers.
The current on-air event, informational, promotional or commercial content and images, as well as play list history of recently played songs are posted to the Website.
The current on-air event, informational, promotional or commercial content with associated images are posted for display in the live player.
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