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With businesses relying more and more on mobile phone calls for everyday operations and mobile phone use at an all time high in the workplace, it is now essential that businesses take control of mobile phone calls in the same way that they have control of calls made on office phone systems. That is why ICT Digital is offering Go from Deskphone, a dedicated business-only mobile network service that combines the benefits of using a regular mobile service with the business benefits of using an office telephone system.

Deskphone Go - A Dedicated Business Mobile Network

Why a mobile network just for business?

Features of Deskphone Go

Benefits of Deskphone Go

The main problem with the regular services provided by mobile network operators is that they are really designed for consumer customers not business customers. Operators may provide service plans specifically for businesses but the services and features are exactly the same as you can get on the high street. Issues facing businesses include: Reliability issues Limited features when compared to office phone systems Reception signal issues Lack of integration with other business systems
Landline & Mobile Numbers - you can display your main company number as caller ID when making calls Standard Mobile Features - all the features you expect on a mobile phone like Data, SMS and of course Calls are provided PBX Features - Deskphone’s Cloud PBX platform provides: o Shared Call Appearance - share a main office number o Short-code Extension Numbers o Call Hold and Transfer o Hunt Groups o Caller Menus & Greetings o Call & SMS Recording - at network level o Customisable Call Diverts & Forwarding Rules o Time of Day Scheduling for Call Diversion o Seamless Integration with Desktop Phones & Softphones on The Platform o Customisable User & Group Voicemail o Multi-party Conference Calling UK Network Roaming - Access to O2, Vodafone & EE networks is provided from a single SIM Online Management Portal - manage numbers, users, SIMs etc. Software Integrations - integrate mobiles with business systems
Features - advanced features as listed on this Webpage bring increased productivity and efficiency Reliability and Redundancy - routing calls, data and SMS over multiple carrier networks offers redundancy and increased reliability for business communications Better Reception - routing services over the O2, Vodafone and EE networks gives you the largest UK coverage Compliance - on-network mobile call and SMS recording means you will always be compliant with regulations. Integration with Other Systems - e.g., Salesforce Great for Teams - you can share your subscriber numbers across multiple SIMs for inbound and outbound calls.

How Deskphone Go works

Deskphone Go is about allowing you to take the best aspects of your office phones with you in your pocket: It routes a call through the traditional mobile networks - O2, Vodafone and EE - and into the Deskphone network From there the call behaves as though it’s a landline call It works on any UNLOCKED mobile phone - all you need is a Go SIM
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